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Dev Log #3

It’s been a slow going week as far as development has gone, and we’re still heavy set into working on our UI. We have a few more things that need some polish and TLC before we can shift our attention onto the core content of the game. This week we focused our attention on ironing out our Guild & Party systems.

We’ll be looking for alpha testers later this month. So keep your eyes peeled on our development cycle if you’re interested in helping with development.

Changes this week:

  • Added a guild button to the bottom nav bar
  • Implemented the backend handler for Guilds
  • Implemented the front-end UI for the Guild tab
  • Added player shops.
  • Added and polished the player shop UI.
  • Added an NPC known as the Guild Manager. He sells certificates to found a Guild, as well as open your own player stall...
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Dev Log #2

So I’m doing this development log a day early, because I’m excited to share what we’ve been up to this past week. It’s been an incredibly busy one, and we’ve pushed out a lot of content, most notably being our complete revamp of our UI. We’re getting closer and closer to our demo preview. If you’d like to participate, the server will be accessible in the coming weeks to our loyal subscribers. You can find all payment information available on our hub. Every cent spent goes towards helping us through development.

Changes as of 08/24/2016

  • Added a tutorial after character creation
  • Added character dialogue
  • Added a text writer for intro sequences.
  • Added event handlers for more precise battle control
  • Added several new maps, including the Royal Castle, the Sewers and the Prisons
  • Added ...
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Dev Log #1

Z Tactics is an open-ended, strategy based role-playing game. We gave you our first look two years ago, and we are sorry to say the project has been on hiatus since then. It is now that we can proudly say that we’re back on track, and working very hard to complete the game so that you can enjoy it.

We’re confident in our abilities to deliver, and we’ve already begun making huge steps forward. We expect to be able to produce a live preview for our fans to enjoy in a few weeks, featuring several zones for you to explore, a fully fleshed out tutorial and introductory quest line, five classes to play as, and dozens and dozens of items to loot.

This marks the beginning of our weekly development logs, where Zete and I will keep everyone updated on what has been added and where we are in what we’...

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