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    Hey guys, so as you know the game is very class oriented, some will be race-locked into things like fairies, goblins & weird amphibian lookin’ things. But other than that, we’re aiming to let you completely customize your characters from the stat distribution, to the individualistic points that allow you to raise things such as critical hit %, critical hit damage %, single-target damage %, aoe dmg %, healing % and so on. We only have a handful of characters at the moment, but once we begin to really overhaul the skills & classes they’ll most likely have different paths to undertake multiplying the options available for your game play experience.

    So I’ll go ahead and do a semi-in-depth summary of the Classes confirmed so far, and then after that maybe post the concepts planned for in the future (not many so far), and let you guys critique & comment, or share any suggestions you may have with us!

    The master of weapon combat, the Berserker. The gist is simple, the more you get hurt the more damage you will dish out with this bad boy! You’ll have some jumping skills, some buffs, and some really powerful attacks, but letting yourself get too close to
    death could spell out your doom!

    Shadow Walker
    The hidden Assasin, the Shadow Walker strikes from the depths of darkness – and deals heavy damage if doing so from behind! This is for those players that love to play dangerous risk-reward characters.

    The Necromancer, the dark mage of the game. Your ability to resurrect your allies as undead zombies is not only useful in team fights, but it also increases your overall damage – turning you into a real Overlord of darkness, Necros are also masters of hexes and curses which help them turn the ties of battle.

    The Pixie, the main support class of the game – comes packed with AP/MP buffs & free heals! Their inner ability allows them to bounce back all status inflicting moves to the caster, and come equipped with an AoE status negator for the entire team! Every team should be carrying one for sure.

    The Pyromancer, this sub-mage class specifies in high damage flame magic which takes Gas Tokens to execute. A Pyromancer without his Gas Tank is nothing, but a Pyromancer with a full tank of Gas is the most fearsome opponent on the playing field.

    Kappas, the mascot of the game. These guys are pretty unique, and at the moment they’re being re-worked so it’s hard for me to describe them accurately for you – just know that they’re stronger when transformed into Super Kappas!

    That’s all, the only other concept not fully on the table yet are Tricksters – the Trap Masters.
    They’re obviously race-locked into Goblins, and will specialize in hiding traps & getting away! It is not their nature to stay in for a fist fight.

    EDIT: NEW CLASS CONCEPT; The RX-8 also known as the “Mecha-Tank”
    With high-mobility you’ll be able to jump over tiles, push mobs or allies tiles miles away from danger or to save your friends, and always be at the center of the action with your anti-resistant steel (swords, axes etc. will only do half damage), and ineffectiveness to poison and other organic statuses. Watch out for those magical attacks though, magical attacks, especially fire type ones will melt you down!

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    Pretty wide net of classes, but it seems like Kappa and Pixie could use a rename perhaps. I’m sure the idea for the classes themselves are solid, but those just seem like choosing a race instead of a class. Could rename them and have them be classes exclusively for Kappa and Pixies maybe. I see you not just calling Tricksters the Goblins.

    Also more basic classes wouldn’t hurt to have ingame for a little variety. Classes based around sword mastery, bow and arrow mastery, martial arts mastery, etc. While the classes so far are unique they may not all appeal to a while enough audience aesthetically when it comes to their weapons/what they’re about.

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